liam broderick

Fitness Instructor

I reluctantly attended a Zumba class in August 2011, after being pestered for months by some friends and I was instantly hooked. I’ve experienced significant weight loss and body reshaping since starting Zumba and my fitness and stamina is better than it has ever been.

Zumba works for me because it’s such great fun and much of the work is hidden within the moves. You can get to the end of the hour and not realise you’ve performed hundreds of squats, abdominal crunches and knee lifts, until you feel the ache over the next few days!! The other classes have the same feel. With great music and choreography you work harder, enjoy class more, and gain incredible results!

Liam Broderick, 2018

Fitness Qualifications

I qualified to teach Zumba in 2013 alongside my sister Kelly. Since then I have received teaching qualifications in Zumba Step, Zumba Gold, STRONG by Zumba and Clubbercise.  I also recently completed my Level 2 Exercise to Music Fitness Instructor Qualification

My Mantra

If it ain't FUN, you're doing something wrong! I deliver great classes because I LOVE the classes myself. And I hope you get that feeling too!

martial arts




I am an expert in the Korean martial art Taekwondo with 25 years of training and teaching.

I hold a black belt rank of 5th degree.

I am also a qualified grading examiner, black belt grading examiner, competition umpire and referee.

My knowledge of Taekwondo gives me a lot of insight into the fitness industry, especially with understanding how the human body works, it's abilities and limitations.

I also deliver some epic battle choreographies!

My other passions


A healthy mind and body are very important to me. My classes give me both of these but yoga helps me to change the pace and focus inwards from time to time. 

My sister Kelly teaches yoga under the Soulfit brand and my Clubbercise classes are often delivered in partnership with my friends at Silent Disco Yoga and  Silent Disco

The Environment

I am an expert freshwater ecologist with the Environment Agency, Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Environmental Monitoring Department. 

I am passionate about the Environment, protecting our ecosystems and ridding the sea of plastics.

I have a 1st class honours degree in Environmental Management and Marine and Freshwater Ecology.

The Sea

If I'm not in class look out for me kayaking and paddleboarding!