**Special Offer - FREE 1st Class on EACH of the 5 Programmes for ALL new starters

Frequently asked questions

How much do classes cost?

Your 1st class with Get Fit Newquay is FREE and you can try each of the 5 different programmes for FREE!

(Clubbercise is free with the purchase of LED Clubbercise Glowsticks at £5)

Your 1st class in a week (Monday to Friday) is: £5

Any additional classes that same week


Your 4th class that week is FREE!

How fit do I need to be?

You work to your own fitness levels so anyone of any age and fitness can join in and benefit from these classes. Most people start with Zumba® or Clubbercise®.

If you think you might like a lower intensity workout, try Zumba Gold® and for a bigger challenge try Zumba Step® or STRONG by Zumba® 

Do I need to be able to dance?

Not at all! These are not dance classes and there are no wrong moves! They are about movement, getting fit and burning calories. You will very quickly get used to the various moves used in Zumba® or Clubbercise® and reap the benefits!

STRONG by Zumba has no dance moves. And all classes have effective fitness exercises in every track!

How many calories will I burn?

 Experts agree as many as 600 to 1,000 in an hour! You won’t even notice you’re working that hard as you’ll be having so much fun! 

As you get more used to the moves they get slightly easier but you burn more calories!  Be sure to share your calorie stories to our Facebook Page!

What should I wear?

Clothing that you can move around in and a good pair of trainers, preferably court-type shoes rather than running shoes. There are great dance-fitness shoes out there! If you choose to purchase items from the  Zumba® or Clubbercise® websites your Instructor can get a discount for you!

What happens on the 1st class?

Our Admin Team will welcome you and assist you. Give yourself a few extra minutes to fill out the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and your contact details form prior to class. Alternatively download it now and bring it with you completed.

Each class has a warm up of around 10 minutes, 30-40 minutes of workout and a cool down of 5-10 minutes.

What is the minimum age?

 Regular Zumba® takes people from 14 upwards with no upper limit on age (14-16 year olds need to be accompanied by someone over 16). Zumba Step, STRONG by Zumba and Clubbercise are minimum 16.

Will I look silly?

 Not at all!  You will get smiles from every person there as they truly know the amazing journey you’re about to take! And your instructor will go wrong at times!  Just enjoy! 

What should I bring?

Water. Perhaps a hand towel.

STRONG by Zumba recommends bringing a gym or yoga mat for floorwork

Which class is best for me?

Check the descriptions of the programmes under classes and contact us if you're still unsure

What do you do with my data?

Follow the link below to our Privacy Policy

Any further questions?

Send a message on the Contact Us section of the home page


Print and bring with you to your 1st class to save time!