Privacy Policy

We collect information from our class participants in compliance with UK and EU GDPR data privacy law.

Occasionally we will email you if something interesting is going on, or if there's a last minute class cancellation. You can opt out of emails.

Your Data Controller is Liam Broderick. Only Liam has access to your data but Data/Information may be shared with Kelly Broderick for the purposes of Celtic Zumba joint classes. Images may be used by other Zumba instructors for event promotion.

It is our policy to protect your data with the utmost integrity and respect.

What data we collect and why

Your PAR-Q enrolment form

Name and Address - the address is part of the emergency procedure. If you’re taken ill and an emergency contact cannot be raised we will attempt to contact someone at your home address. Your address is optional

Date of birth - your age is helpful to the emergency services and for catering to your individual needs. Your date of birth is optional

Telephone and Emergency Contact telephone - you may be contacted due to last minute class cancellation. Your emergency contact will be called in the event of an emergency. Your telephone numbers are optional

Email - we contact you with information about classes, events and any class cancellations. This email contact will continue unless you reply to the email with subject title ‘Remove’. Email address is optional

Medical information - this is important to protect you in class and make the instructor aware of any particular needs. It will also trigger recommendations for Doctor referrals. This information is not optional and is a requirement of our insurance  

How data is stored

Your paper enrolment form including all the above data is stored in a cupboard and locked away. This will be held for 2 years if you’re not currently taking part in classes, then shredded. We recommend our members should complete a new form annually.

Your name, telephone numbers and emergency contact details are uploaded to a password protected excel spreadsheet. This is kept on a pc and a copy is sent to a password protected phone to be available at class in case of emergency.

Photos and videos - in enrolment you give permission for these to be used for promoting classes and events. These are never sold for profit. You may opt out by speaking to the instructor. These files are stored on pc and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Get Fit Newquay website